The Peraltas

Oakland's Original Landowners

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The concrete outline of the original Peralta home and outbuildings.
These buildings were destroyed in the 1868 earthquake.
The Antonio Maria Peralta House and Peralta Hacienda Historical Park is located off Coolidge Avenue at the end of Paxton Avenue.

The Peralta's second ranch house survives and is currently under restoration. For more information about the Peralta family and its history check out:

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"Rancho San Antonio was located on the east side of San Francisco Bay, between San Leandro and El Cerrito creeks, and reached from the crest of the hill to the water, all of which is now occupied by six and one half cities ... It was one of the first grants on the frontier of that day away from the missions, presidios, and the roads connecting them."

-- from J. N. Bowman, "The Peraltas and Their Houses"

The Alameda County Historical Society presents a reprint of J.N. Bowman's 1951 article "The Peraltas and Their Houses." The reprint includes R.B Gilland/W.G. H's 1998 illustrations and Jeff Norman's updates of  Professor Bowman's maps.

Above left, R.B. Gilland/W.G.H's illustration of Antonio Peralta's frame house, built in 1870. Above right Jeff Norman's update of J.N Bowman's map of Antonio's houses at Fruitvale, showing the 1821 (1) and 1840 (2) adobes, as well as the guest rooms (3) and (5), the garden  walls (4) and the original site of the frame house (6).

The book, cover at right, includes descriptions, drawings and maps of Antonio's, Ygnacio's, Vicente's and Domingo's homes in what would later be known as the East Bay. For a copy of the reprint make a check for  $9.50 ($8.50 for the book and $1 for shipping and handling)  to ACHS and mail to:

Alameda County Historical Society
PMB 307, 484 Lake Park Ave.
Oakland, CA 94610-2730

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